Autism Strengths

Individuals with autism have many strengths but very often there is a difficulty within the same area, for example:

Strength Difficulty
Attention to detail Understanding the ‘big picture’
Skills in particular area Erratic skill profile
Logical Difficulty in understanding emotion
Non Judgemental Can seem rude and abrupt

Children with ASD are also visual learners. They are able to process visual information very well. When the visual is connected with the auditory and kinesthetic, their learning is significantly more effective. Consistent visual structures and support in all areas of their lives will reduce stress and encourage communication. As children become calm they are able to process all information more effectively. When calm and feeling secure they become more receptive and able to learn to predict and understand.

Every person with autism is different and experiences these difficulties in differing degrees. 
Children vary widely in ability, intelligence and behaviour as all children do.