Training for Schools

I provide a range of different training topics. Contents of each training area are detailed below.  Schools and other professional bodies can select elements from training topics best meet the their needs. Training benefits teachers, LSAs and other school professionals; those working with individuals on the autistic spectrum and those providing services within the community.  Training can take the form of Inset Days and/or small group training. Training can be whole day, half day or twilight sessions.

Sessions particularly appropriate are:

Introduction to Autism

A 2 hour introduction to the complex nature of the autistic spectrum. This workshop is delivered on a termly basis at HACS for professionals or parents of newly diagnosed children with autism. It is also a popular training for twilight sessions in schools and other professional organisations.

All school staff need to have some understand of this condition as the increase of those on the spectrum is increasing rapidly and is now thought to affect more than 1 in a 100.

Autism & What Works

This is a comprehensive workshop that provides understanding of the complex nature of Autistic Spectrum (AS).   It provides insight into difficulties experienced by individuals with autism and how those difficulties impact on the individual and those around him/her; how those problems manifest in a range of situations; how the individual with autism learns and how to support them in different environments.

Managing Behaviour & Associated Difficulties

This training demonstrates the use of consistent and positive approaches that work both in specialist settings, special and mainstream schools.  In fact these strategies can be used successfully with all children.  Training teaches how to provide clear and realistic rules, structures and boundaries and how to keep to them.

Autism &  the Visual Environment

Children with autism are visual learners and have significant difficulties with the spoken word, social skills and social expectations.  This ‘hands on’ workshop describes how to set up effective and supportive visual environments.  The training also provides opportunities to design and make resources that are vital in the setting up of environments that will facilitate communication, learning and independence.

Autism – Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Many educators have difficulty in delivering effective differentiated teaching.  Teaching that will ensure that all children can be included to learn.  This is an in-depth session thatc considers looking at a range of effective differentiation methods, resources and aids.

Many educators find it hard to baseline children with autism and thus have difficulty in accurate assessment and demonstrating progress.  This training will provide ideas and proven assessment and recording methods and format.

Movement & Autism -Developing brain functioning through movement and exercise

In this current day and age society is becoming less active and more sedentary.  This training demonstrates the benefits of aerobic exercise, Sherborne Developmental Movement, ‘Brain Gym’, Yoga and Relaxation in the development of the brain and how children learn.  The workshop provides opportunities to experience a range of activities and to start creating individualised programmes for those children with AS that also require OT.

PSHE & the Autistic Child

How to teach essential social skills that are essential in all children’s’ development, remembering that individuals on the spectrum do not necessarily have empathy with others thus require highly structured routines that support their learning.

Practical Tips

This is an interactive session that takes the form of a question and answer session with specific questions from the school.

Many of these workshops are included in the HACS Training Programme and can be found on their website.