Training for Families

A diagnosis of autism can be a devastating experience for parents.  A realistic understanding of the condition can be hard to find, as there are many diverse approaches as the number of those affected increases.  I offer a range of training topics that can be delivered sensitively within the family setting or for small groups of families in a setting of their choice.

Effective training topics are:

Introduction to Autism

This 2hr workshop provides understanding of the complex nature of Autistic Spectrum (AS) and is mainly directed at parents with a child that has a recent diagnosis of autism.   It is ideal for those who cannot access ‘EarlyBird’.  This short workshop aims to help parents understand their child’s condition and to establish good practice thus pre-empting the onset of inappropriate behaviours.

Autism & What works

This is a comprehensive all day workshop that provides understanding of the complex nature of Autistic Spectrum (AS).   It provides insight into difficulties experienced by individuals with autism and how those difficulties impact on the individual and those around him/her; how those problems manifest in a range of situations; how the individual with autism learns and how to support them in different environments.

Connective Education

Children with autism do not generalise their learning. This training shows you how to help them make their learning make sense through shared activities in the home.

PSHE and the Autistic Child

Helping your child understand his/her development and how that will impact on them; eating issues; how to be appropriate, how to be responsible for themselves and what they do etc.

Learning Life Skills

How to support your child in learning to become independent in areas such as social understanding and basic life skills.

Managing Behaviour & Associated Difficulties

Training in the use of consistent and positive approaches that work and how to provide clear and realistic rules, structures and boundaries.

Movement & Autism -Developing brain functioning through movement and exercise

The benefits of aerobic exercise, Sherborne Developmental Movement, ‘Brain Gym’, Yoga and Relaxation in the development of the brain and how children learn.

Families can request a mix of the above or other topics they need information on.