Training Overview

An understanding of autism, and it’s impact on the lives of those affected and their families, is fundamental for those who care for and support these individuals in all areas of development, behaviour and wellbeing.

I provide effective training for both small and large groups of parents and professionals the form of workshops, seminars and lectures.

My approach is holistic and aims to take into consideration all aspects of individuals on the spectrum including their strengths and wellbeing.  Training sessions are interactive and can be adapted to cater for different group sizes ranging from whole school training, class groups and small working groups to families and individuals with AS.

Sessions are tailored to meet the differing needs of groups, families, schools and other professional organisations.

Popular Training includes:

  • Introduction to Autism – A 2hr introduction to the complex nature of the autistic spectrum.
  • Managing Behaviour  & Associated Difficulties – Training in the use of consistent and positive approaches that work and how to provide clear and realistic rules, structures and boundaries.
  • Autism and the Visual Environment – A ‘hands-on’ workshop on how to set up an effective and supportive environment that motivates learning and can be accessed by all.
  • Autism – Teaching, Learning & Assessment (schools) – in-depth session looking at a range of effective differentiation methods, resources and assessment formats.
  • Movement & Autism – Developing brain functioning through movement and exercise – The benefits of aerobic exercise, Sherborne Developmental Movement, ‘Brain Gym’, Yoga and Relaxation in the development of the brain and how children learn.
  • PSHE & the Autistic Child – a workshop that is usually designed round the teaching of specific life skills, puberty, sleep etc.
  • Practical Tips – An interactive session for families and professionals on different topics requested by those attending
  • Autism & Relaxation –individual s with autism experience constant states of anxiety to varying degrees.  It is beneficial that they learn how to relax.  This workshop explores different techniques and proves the opportunity for attendees to experience a session of relaxation
  • Girls & Autism – a new workshop looking at why girls do not meet the current criteria for autism diagnosis; the differences in the way boys and girls present with autism and the views of autism specialists to support girls in the future

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