Assessment & Consultation

Assessment, Consultation & Follow up

There are many facets of autistic spectrum disorders that cause difficulties within the family and at school. Problems will be different for each child.

Assessments can take place in school, within the family setting or other professional organisation.  General assessment includes the following:

  • Assessment and evaluation of a child/ children, teams and/or individuals and the relevant situations/environments.  These observations can take up to 2 hours depending on the need of the establishment and clients.
  • Set up and development of individual/group programmes and strategies.
  • Visits and follow-up services to support the running of programmes, answer questions, provide relevant resources and demonstrate action and language to be used.

Individual assessments take 1 – 2 hours and take the form of a visit, usually to the child’s home, where I can observe the child within a normal family setting.  Prior to all visits I require information on difficulties experienced by the family.   Parents and family will be able to discuss their difficulties and ask questions. If necessary I will recommend other specialist agencies who can offer the appropriate help and information

After the visit the family receive a comprehensive report, detailed programmes and strategies, with relevant resources, that were agreed at the Assessment.  It must be noted that I do not give diagnosis.

The follow up visit is arranged at the family’s request. This usually occurs between two and four weeks after the original assessment visit.

Support visits can be requested at any time.


Assessment – £250.00 plus mileage @40p per mile
Support Visits – £100.00 plus mileage @40p per mile