There are many areas in autism that cause significant difficulties within the family and at school. Problems will be different for each child, the school and family group.  Families can experience isolation and upset after a diagnosis of autism for a child.  Quite often there is a lack understanding of the difficulties experienced by their child and impact that autism will have on their child and on them.

Schools will experience a variety of different challenges from each child with autism.  As the condition is increasing so quickly it is important that all schools are conversant with this complex developmental condition.  At present there is no requirement for schools to train their staff in autism but unless the condition is understood by staff then the child’s needs will not be met.  I work with closely with schools to support their training needs, support the staff in create effective visual environments and displays, to help with differentiation in teaching and learning and assessment.

I meet with the client to discuss the areas that cause difficulties. Training and support will be tailored to meet the needs of the autistic child and the individuals within the family/school group. If the family is the client then staff from the child’s place of education can also be involved and vice versa. This ensures consistency of approach in all areas of the child’s life.

Support can be provided where monitoring and help is required to ensure the effective running of programmes and procedures put into place after an assessment. Children with autism can be very controlling due to a variety of reasons.  This can lead to antisocial and challenging behaviour. I support to parents, carers and other professionals through what can be very difficult and challenging times in setting up consistent programmes and strategies that put the adults in charge.  I provide telephone support where clients can ring me to discuss difficulties and problems they might be facing.