My Involvement

I worked at Hillingdon Manor School as Deputy then Head teacher.  I kept in touch with the charity after I left as they provide excellent provision and support for young people with with autism and their families.  I left full time education in 2007 and was approached by HACS to provide a number of workshops for them.  Shortly after a successful year of training for HACS  I found I was becoming involved with all areas of the provision and I was asked to join their board of trustees.

I now provide training for the charity on a regular basis (see Training Dates).  These workshops are open to parents and professional such as school staff, social workers, therapists and members of local services such as the police. I also provide training for all the HACS volunteers and support staff in aspects of autism and communication.

In 2012 the board decided there was a need within the local community for a specialist school for those high functioning and Asperger children whose school placements breakdown due to inability to access the complexities of the National Curriculum around the end of Yr 6 (end of Primary) and early Yr 7 (start of Secondary).  The board  applied to open a free school within Hillingdon and I was involved with the detailed and complex application offering my expertise in the field of behaviour management and education amongst other things.  Sadly after much work and several interviews the Government turned us down even though there is a significant need for an effective, specialist school to meet the needs of those young individuals.

The Board and the Charity are now working to support all schools in Hillingdon in their efforts to provide appropriate education for pupils on the autistic spectrum. (See Autism Provision in Hillingdon)