Autism is a complex, life long condition that affects the way an individual relates to others and to their environment.

No two people are the same. Those with autism also differ especially in the way in which their autism affects them.

The aim is to empower professionals and carers to support these special individuals to minimise their disability and maximise their ability in all aspects of their lives

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Pam Sickelmore @AutismPam
RT @AutismResearchT: Are people being misdiagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder instead of #autism? https://t.co/T1vCIDCiqL #actual
Pam Sickelmore @AutismPam
RT @SENLegalltd: Of all the #children in #school with some kind of special need, over 80% are categorised as needing '#SEN support' and do…
Pam Sickelmore @AutismPam
RT @sbaroncohen: Among 1.3m 8 year old kids, monitored between 2002-2010 in the US, 13K (about 1%) were autistic. Autism prevalence more th…